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Dropbox addon to place a file into the Public Dropbox folder via a context menu. All you have to do is a click!

Click2Public adds context menus to Windows Explorer, allowing you to copy or move files to your Public Dropbox folder fast and easy. To share a file in your Dropbox, instead of opening your Dropbox account, uploading files and copying their links, you can simply right-click on the file and choose "Copy to Public". That's it! Click2Public will do the rest automatically. It'll even go as far as to place the URL pointing to your newly uploaded file right into the Windows clipboard, allowing you to paste the link into a blog post, Skype conversation or comment right away.

Download this small Dropbox context menu addon right now!

Save time on routine file sharing! Placing a file into the Public Dropbox folder is made so much easier with popup menus. If you need to share a file, do it via a context menu with Click2Public. All you have to do is a click! Imagine that - instead of doing a lot of work in your Dropbox account! Click2Public software will automate Dropbox file sharing, combining several time-consuming operations into a single action.